Lyle's Tile & Hardsurface Cleaning
Tucson, AZ.

                                                    (We are not a licensed contractor & do not maintain an ROC)


Customer Service

* We accept both residential & commercial work, whether large or small.


* Most of our jobs come from referrals.

* We have references available.

* How much money we make is not the most important aspect of the job.

* Whether or not our customers are happy and satisfied with our work is the most important aspect.

* Whether the job is done right and will last over time is the 2nd most important aspect.

* We will do whatever it takes to make the job right if for some reason the customer is not happy.

* We offer free advice on the cleaning and/or maintenance of all types of flooring.

(We are not a licensed contractor & do not maintain an ROC)

Saltillo Tile

* Saltillo Tile can be permanently damaged if not cleaned properly.

* Saltillo Tile requires regular & specific maintenance.

* Saltillo Tile that is real dirty or has not been maintained may require a full strip and clean.

* Saltillo Tile that has been maintained and is not so dirty may only need a basic cleaning.

* A full strip requires much more labor, time & cleaning agents, therefore, it is more costly.

* Saltillo Tile can be sealed with a matte finish, a glossy finish or a semi-glossy finish.

* Saltillo Tile that is sealed without enough dry time before the first coat or in between the sequential coats can come out with a "milky" finish & have to be redone.

Travertine Tile

 * Travertine tile can be permanently damaged if not cleaned properly.

 * Travertine tile is one of the easier tiles to maintain. With the proper maintenance it can look great for years to come.

 * Travertine tile itself should not be sealed. Only the grout should be sealed.

Ceramic Tile

* Many people try to clean their tile on their own. They often find that it is not worth all the hard work. It is much easier with the right tools and cleaning agents, not to mention knowing some of the tricks of the trade. Don’t be ashamed if you decide you need a professional after trying it yourself. It happens all the time.


* It makes a difference as to what type of sealant is used on the grout itself.

 * Water based sealant is more easily penetrated by spills, but it does not attract dirt as easy.

 * Silicone resists spills better, but it attracts basic dirt easier and must be cleaned more often.

* Grout that is heavily soiled and just doesn’t seem to come clean can be painted for a brand new look.

 * Some tile can also be painted or stained for a new look without the cost of replacing the tile.

 * Most tile can also be covered with a concrete overlayment for a whole new look at a lower coast than tile removal & replacement.

Concrete & Decorative Coatings

* Concrete texture overlayments can be placed on almost any surface including counter tops.

 * Concrete floors whether painted or stained are often less expensive to have done than tile installation.

 * Decorative concrete floors are most often easier to maintain and require less effort than tile and grout.

 * Many of the new custom home buyers are choosing stained concrete over tile or carpet in their new homes.

Epoxy & Urethane Floors

*Top of the line commercial products are the best rather than the typical ones found in most box stores such as Lowe’s or Home Depot.

 * There are many types of products, but only the best products hold up over time and ware.

 *Garages, driveways, patios, etc. look great when we are done and are so much easier to maintain.

 *Painted garages and driveways are a great selling point if you decide to sell your house.

 *Slipping is not a problem. A nonslip product can be put right in the paint.

 *If you choose to do this type of floor coating please choose someone who knows what they are doing. If the sun is going to hit the floor the right product needs to be used or it will not hold up in the sun light or the extreme heat that we get during the summer months.

 * Sometimes, it is too hot in Tucson to do this type of coating. The temperature of the floor makes a difference and will not come out right if it is too hot or too cold.

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